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About Us.

Mark Wade – Owner / Marketing Consultant

Over the past 20+ years Mark has worked closely with many business as a marketing consultant, and his clients speak highly of the assistance he provides. Mark has very strong experience in effective marketing through the Internet, print, video, and all forms of media.  You may click here to learn more about Mark, or click here for an overview of some of the companies Mark has worked with.

Frank "Ray" Huff – Director of Art

Ray has also spent years in the world of printing, graphic design and layout.  He is a master at composition and color and understands the critical needs for efficiency and effectiveness of visual marketing. Ray is considered one of Utah's best "fine art" artists. His watercolors and oil paintings have been in galleries around the U.S. Click here to view the fine art of Frank Ray Huff.

Wayne Harding - Programming / Presentation Developer

Wayne has great expertise in database development, web content management, and in graphic animation. He is an integral part of the Oculus Media team and brings great insight and resources to the needs of our clients.

Steve Huff - Web / Print Design

Steve has expertise in most of the critical areas of design for web and print, and he has a fine eye for proper use of fonts. Steve recently returned to the area from Boston, Massachusetts and is a great resource to the Oculus Media team.

Jonathan Hall – Design

According to those who work with Jon, he is one of the best designers in the region.  He can take a concept and bring it to life, making it effective, functional, visually appealing, and clearly understandable.  Jon brings diverse design skills to the table and he has a strong background in print, internet, graphic, and presentation development.  He is an award winning designer with the ability to make your business look it's best.

Denise Wade - Quality Control / Comptroller

Denise Wade has a strong background in education, literature and has a great mind for financial matters.  She is a Utah State award winner for PTA and manages our finances, provides input on design, and proofs the text elements of our campaigns.