Bluff History Tour

The Bluff Historic District encompasses most of the original 1880 townsite of Bluff City, cemetery hill, and the 300-foot sandstone bluffs directly north of town which include natural features that have cultural significance. There are 42 buildings in the district spread over a dozen or so blocks. The contributing buildings range from 1880 to the mid- 1940s, the majority having been built between about 1890 and 1905.

Although just under half of the buildings are contributing, the integrity of the district is bolstered by the prominent locations and dominant scale of many of the historic buildings, the presence of a variety of historic landscape elements, and the community’s distinct setting. Overall, the Bluff Historic District retains its historic character.

Download a printable PDF: Bluff Tour

To take a virtual tour of Bluff’s Historic District, click on any of the houses in the map below, or their corresponding names under the map:

The Decker House
The Hyrum Perkins House
The Lemuel Redd House
The Platt Lyman House\
The Willard Butt House
The Jens Nielson House and Mill
The Adams House
The Scorup House
The Nick Lovace House