January 18-20, 2013 will be the Bluff Balloon Festival. Don’t miss the color and beauty of this spectacular event! 
February / March 
Prime months for canyon adventures with usually only a trace of snow and lots of sunshine. You’ll have the backcountry mostly to yourself. Get permits on your own from BLM or travel with a local guide.
The San Juan River boating season begins for river enthusiasts.
Easter Egg Hunt for Kids. Fun and games to follow. Everybody welcome.
Come see a display of penstemons and other Southeast Utah wildflowers when they put on their show.
Guided tours, horseback rides and river trips are in full swing.
Visit Bluff’s galleries and trading posts featuring regional arts and crafts.
Enjoy early morning and evening desert walks, picnics, and star-gazing.
Utah Navajo Fair. Activities include traditional song and dance, food, crafts, and exciting rodeo action. For more information, contact Earl Lee 435-651-3755.
Bluff Arts Festival – This free-to-the-public, cultural event spans visual arts, poetry, music, weaving, and other creative works. Download the brochure.
One of the top months to visit, and during this month of ideal temperatures, cottonwoods begin to color the river corridor, and at higher elevations, aspen, sumac, and box elders offer splendid fall foliage.
Visiting the beauty of the high desert makes everyone thankful.
The cool, sunny months are ideal for hiking.